Protecting Your Capital: Peace of Mind

Warren Buffett has often said that the first two rules of investing are

  • Rule 1: Don’t lose money
  • Rule 2: See Rule 1

We agree: and we hope you do too.

Bottom line performance is important: but more important is the protection of capital. The Fund will never take any action that might improve the bottom line if it would risk your capital.

Stock markets fluctuate so it is inevitable that there will be periods when there are negative returns.

The Capital Allocation Team chooses companies that are least likely affected by such negative periods. It then verifies this.

Looking at rolling three-month periods starting each month, over the past 5 years the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index lost money 19 times. For 84% of those times, the fund members lost less money or actually made money.

Specifically, the average loss of the index for the 19 losing three-month periods was -3.39%. In contrast, over these same periods, the Fund lost an average of -0.25%.

Conclusion: The Conscious Investor Fund successfully protected members’ capital during losing markets.

Overall Performance

By following the principles described in the Information Memorandum and outlined here the performance of the Fund has been:

31 Jul 2021
Period12 Months3 Years (p.a.)5 Years (p.a.)Since inceptionCompound annual return
Conscious Investor Fund33.53%16.89%14.90%170.59%12.55%
S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index28.56%9.48%10.05%104.16%8.85%

Important Information: Calculations are based on exit prices with distributions reinvested, after ongoing fees and expenses but excluding individual tax.

Unit Prices and Distributions

The following is a list of the monthly Unit Prices for the current financial year. It also includes the monthly Unit Prices at the end of earlier financial years since the inception of the Fund on 28 February 2013. They are supplied by Link Financial Services.

Click here for a complete list.